Space Background

We identify, design and build solutions that turn innovative ideas into successful business outcomes.

New!The growing necessity of Data Analytics & Artifical Intelligence in Venture Capital. Read more.

Digital Products

We specialise in designing and building digital products that utilise innovative technology as part of the solution. Unlocking the power of technology.


Intelligent Automation

We build systems to automate labour intensive processes. We facilitate organisations in their discovery, development and delivery of automation ideas to help them scale. Unlocking the power of people.


AI / Machine Learning

AI can be applied to solve an ever-increasing number of real-world problems. Our AI team specialise in solving hard problems. Unlocking the power of AI.



Design is about more than what’s on the surface. Our design team work together with our clients to create engaging experiences both digitally and offline. Unlocking the power of collaboration.


Prototypes & Proof of Concepts

Sometimes the only way to know an idea will work is to build it. We design and build prototypes and prove concepts to help businesses determine whether their ideas are worth pursuing before investing large amounts of money. Unlocking the power of experimentation.


Data Cataloging & Engineering

Consolidating disparate business information, combine with external intelligence, integrate with existing systems to generate insights. Unlocking the power of your data.


The Challenge

Corporate innovation starts with an idea. Competitive organisations cast the ideas net wide, and you can end up with more ideas for solutions than you know what to do with. Not knowing which ideas to back, or how much investment to back them with, slows progress from ideas to business outcome. Worst case, the ideas never see the light of day.

What We Do

Curvestone brings a structured approach to working through your idea portfolio. By gauging risk, validating the business case and testing the technical feasibility we ensure that the highest potential solutions are progressed through to full build and release. This portfolio approach manages the risk and leverages the investment. Simply put, we accelerate ideation through to business outcome.

Corporate innovation, it all starts with an idea

Some ideas should be killed early because the investment will outweigh the returns. Some ideas overlap and could be tackled at the same time, saving on time & resources. Some ideas can be solved by leveraging existing tools in the business.

Curvestone brings a structured approach to grooming a portfolio of ideas to technically validate, prototype and progress only the highest potential solutions to implementation. This portfolio approach manages any associated risks and leverages the investment.



Identify which ideas can be solved through automation or ML, which can be solved together, and assess their complexity.


Conduct short, time-boxed investigations, designed to remove ambiguity from the idea by documenting the associated pain points, opportunities and future vision for the solution, before moving to the next stage.

Analyse + Architect

Build a deeper understanding of the problem and required approach to inform technical strategy. Collect detailed requirements, create high-level specifications.


Develop prototypes to test assumptions. Perform technical reviews of tools that already exist within the organisation or are offered by third party suppliers.

Our Projects

Intelligent Document Processing

How we helped our client increase the service offered without scaling with people

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AI Within Venture

The growing necessity of Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence in Venture Capital

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Automation of Complex Manual Workflows

How we automated complex workflows to increase productivity and reduce risk

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Recent challenges we've helped to solve

  • Developed a solution to automate document classification, management and search by utilising OCR, machine learning and NLP technologies. The solution can process 300+ page documents in multiple languages and formats.

  • Developed a tracking tool to manage and review report references, handling reference verification and issue reporting in order to centralise and standardise the end-to-end process.

  • Solved the challenges associated with keeping dynamic information in documents up to date by linking in-line text values to a 'data directory'.

  • Built a custom solution that offers end-to-end management of variable trading costs, to generate cost savings and provide greater expense transparency. Solution can be scaled to multiple clients and millions of lines of data.

  • Increased a client team's capacity by building a document intelligence platform that ingests data from Excel and non-searchable pdfs. Once extracted, the data is automatically categorised.

  • Helped an organisation to guide ideas through to delivery by implementing our technical consulting process, designed to technically validate, prototype and progress only the highest potential solutions to implementation.

  • Developed a proprietary Lead Discovery & Prioritisation platform, with associated consulting processes for capturing client-specific measures of relevance, to help our clients either begin or expand on their journey to become more data-driven.

  • Converted a legal team's manual processes into a single platform, to improve efficiency, save time, reduce errors and radically increase capacity.

  • Helped a financial services company digitise their complex, manual, debt calculation rule set, so they could auto-generate financial strategies within seconds.

  • Converted multiple manual processes at a financial services company into a single platform, to improve efficiency and save time.

Automating unstructured document scanning using ML

Together with PwC, using problem-centric thinking and the latest advances in technology within this space, we were able to test the application of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Machine Learning to process complex documents at scale. We broke new ground in how neural networks can be applied to document scanning, extraction and analysis.
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