We are Curvestone

We are powered by our people. Meet our team of designers, doers, engineers, listeners, and problem-solvers.

breanna yen

Breanna Yen

Co-founder & CDO

Breanna is our CDO and champions design-driven innovation by focusing on the user first and leveraging our ability to define, ideate, prototype and test. Not your typical designer, Breanna approaches challenges in different way, and her user-centric perspective helps us to frame the problem so that the right questions can be asked to develop innovative solutions.

She has 10 years of experience working in the world of startups, including the baby care industry, online dating and EdTech. She went on to build a successful product design company and later moved into digital marketing, specializing in marketplace technologies, SEO and PPC.

Outside of Curvestone, Breanna encourages undergraduates from the University of London collegiate who are interested in working in startups by supporting the mentorship programme. She also regularly co-organizes C.R.A.P Talks (Conversion Rate, Analytics & Product) with her network at moo.com, booking.com and Just Eat.

Sebastian Kotur

Co-founder & CTO

Seb is our CTO, and has many years of experience with different technologies within startups, enterprise and product development. He specialises in using Machine Learning for Text Classification, Intelligent OCR and building platforms that integrate Machine Learning solutions as part of the flow. Seb’s practical approach to utilising AI ensures that the deep tech solution not only works on an academic level, but truly adds value.

His unique training in Computer Science and Anthropology equips him to look at product development with a user-centric viewpoint. He has a passion for using the right tools for the job, and continuously assesses new technologies, through which only a few make it into our development stack.

Seb loves to run with his running group, Midnight Runners, and more recently started to get more involved with marathon running. He also obtained his Day Skipper a few summers ago in Croatia, and frequently enjoys sailing trips with friends and family.

Dawid Kotur

Co-founder & CEO

Dawid is our CEO and is responsible for the commercial validation of our projects, ensuring that our technical solutions actually solve problems. He leads our clients at the discovery stage of the project to focus their efforts, define goals and create a plan.

Dawid’s experience spans both the startup world and large enterprises. During his time at Metro Bank, Dawid led a team to build the bank’s first Mobile Banking service. He then ran accelerators at GKN and PwC, designed to develop and implement employee-led tech innovation ideas.

Dawid enjoys running with his running group, Midnight Runners, and hiking with friends. He also likes to read as much as possible, his favourite writer being Nicholas Taleb. Dawid gets a buzz from solving difficult problems and taking part in Hackathons.

Amy Woodcock

Senior Consultant

Amy is a Senior Consultant at Curvestone, focused on collaborating with clients to understand their needs and map out the digital solution that’s right for them. With one eye on the bigger picture and the other on the finer detail, Amy has a passion for understanding how things ‘work’ and solving problems.

Prior to joining the team, Amy spent seven years at innovation consultancies like ?What If! and Pollen8, taking on multiple roles that spanned operations, project and programme management and consulting.

Outside of Curvestone, Amy is a crew captain for the Midnight Runners, a global running community. Amy facilitates weekly runs in London, leading 150+ people on boot camp runs around the Thames, and has also travelled with the group around the world, helping to launch new chapters in Barcelona, New York, Paris and Boston.

Nick Long

Head of Technology

Nick is our Head of Technology, with 20 years of experience building agile engineering teams in sectors including: media, content recognition and IOT. He has a passion for architecting distributed systems and lean engineering.

Prior to joining Curvestone Nick studied AI before going on to build highly scalable and resilient systems for Siemens and the BBC including iPlayer and Freeview. He then moved into the Cambridge high tech start-up space where he grew teams from the first hire to successful exit. During this time he delivered solutions to: Ipsos, Universal, Sony, Google, NHS, John Lewis, and many more.

Outside of work Nick spends a lot of time running both half marathons and also after his three young children as well as playing guitar, and trying to read a book a week.

Alex Morgan

Head of Machine Learning

Alex leads Machine Learning at Curvestone, overseeing the AI aspects of projects. His expertise is in identifying how machine learning can be applied to make business processes more efficient, as well as developing machine learning pipelines and deploying them onto cloud-based infrastructure.

Alex has a Ph.D. in experimental physics from UCL. His research was in hybrid quantum systems, where he studied the interaction between helium atoms and superconducting resonators, a component which could become essential for future quantum computers.

In his spare time Alex joins the Curvestone team at Midnight Runners, is a keen cyclist, and has hiked many of the mountains in the UK, as well as Everest Base Camp. He also enjoys attending hackathons, and organised the UCL Maths and Physical Sciences Hackathon which was attended by 50 PhD students.

Lea Montfajon

Senior Project Manager

Lea is a Senior Project Manager at Curvestone. As part of the consulting team, she manages projects from inception to ideation, through to delivery. She works closely with our clients to identify the best direction to take, as well as with our tech and design teams to determine how to add the most value to our clients.

Lea studied Economics and Management at HEC Lausanne and holds an MSc in Finance from Imperial college – through both programmes she developed a strong interest in understanding how businesses are created and operated. Before joining Curvestone, she worked in investment banking, where she applied her analytical and advising skills both to guide and support early-stage and growth technology businesses on their fundraising and M&A activities.

Having grown up in London, France, Cuba, and the US, Lea has spent much of her life absorbing different cultures and is fluent both in French and Spanish. She is at her happiest when she is immersed in creative activities and outdoors – she can often be found painting, attending group singing classes, and going on hikes.

Andrew Wilson

Senior AI & Automation Solution Architect

Andrew is a Senior AI & Automation Solution Architect at Curvestone — he is an expert at applying technology to improve processes and inform decision making. Andrew’s background in strategy, analytics, and design enables him to approach problems from a variety of angles.

Having studied Industrial Engineering, Andrew is constantly seeking to optimise systems and organisations. He has worked as a strategy consultant in Boston, a software engineer for an MIT spin-off, a founder of his own services firm, and most recently as a senior analyst at a high-growth startup in San Francisco.

Andrew loves exploring the world through snowboarding, kiteboarding, biking, and scuba diving. He also enjoys exploring new ideas, whether studying the latest technology framework or reading books on behavioural economics.

Veronika Yordanova

Solutions Architect

Veronika is a Solutions Architect at Curvestone. She bridges the gap between business needs and technology execution. Coming from a background in robotics and defence, she has experience in delivering complex projects and understands well the difficulties that arise when developing new technology for legacy systems.

Veronika has a PhD from UCL in robotics. She has experience in collaborating and engaging with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams and has worked in national and international organisations in the UK, Germany and Italy. In her previous role as a NATO scientist, she helped shape the future of maritime autonomous systems.

After work, Veronika likes reading sci-fi and going to the pub. Occasionally she can be seen out of breath jogging in the park.

Tim Miller

Finance Director

Tim is our Finance Director and is using his interest in tech solutions to finance problems to support Curvestone’s growth.

Before joining Curvestone Tim worked in varied organisations and sectors, from very large US tech companies, to very small not-for-profits.

Tim’s passion is running with his local club, Reading Roadrunners. He also supports small charities with their accounting needs.

Victoria Centeno

Project Manager

Tori is a Project Manager at Curvestone. She manages the day-to-day activities of projects from start to finish, ensuring we get the best out of our development teams while meeting customer needs. Her technical and analytical background allows her to work closely with customers and translate their requirements into technical specs.

Tori has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and being an engineer at heart, Tori likes breaking down problems and solving them at the root of the issue. This mindset was key in her previous role in the information and analytics industry, delivering everything from company-wide infrastructure upgrades, to a machine learning-based indexing system.

Tori enjoys dancing, watersports, such as paddle boarding and surfing, and reading on quieter days in her free time.

Szymon Piechaczek

Machine Learning Applied Researcher

Szymon is an Applied Machine Learning Researcher at Curvestone where his main responsibilities include designing Machine Learning workflows, creating MLOps pipelines, and conducting research around a variety of solutions for Machine Learning related problems.

With a background in computer science specialising in data science, Szymon has published research papers and has worked for R&D centres – in one of his previous roles, he created Machine Learning models for the European Space Agency. As someone who is passionate about the application of Machine Learning in medicine, he also participated in research projects in which he helped to develop methods for automatic brain tumor segmentation from MRI scans.

When not thinking about data science, Szymon is a keen sportsman and enjoys sailing and skiing. He is also a huge fan of electronic music.

Phoebe Lee

Automation Architect

Phoebe is an Automation Architect at Curvestone and focuses on the design and development of automated solutions to client problems. Her thorough and meticulous approach to understanding and untangling complex systems ensures that the final solution is tailored to existing workflows.

Prior to joining the team, Phoebe was a charity Director and a CRM consultant. This experience equipped her as a specialist in implementing CRM systems and working closely with our charity clients to help them best utilise technology to improve their impact.

Outside of Curvestone, Phoebe loves everything seaside, from sandcastles to surfing and sailing… you name it.

Kasia Chałkowska

Technical PM and Solution Architect

Kasia joined Curvestone as our Technical PM and Solution Architect. Together with her background in finance and banking as well as her vast experience working within data analysis she focuses on coordinating the delivery team to create the best possible products for our clients. She does this by using her eagle eye to QA test as well as implement and improve our tech processes.

Before joining the team, Kasia spent ten years working in the trade finance and card systems sectors. This gave her a broad view on how to implement a great user experience, and armed her with the knowledge of how to successfully deliver high quality services and digital products.

Outside of Curvestone she is a mum to two wonderful kids and loves to spend time with her family. Together they enjoy anything from playing board games and drawing, to building lego and traveling to new and interesting places. She also appreciates reading a good book and a little bit of peace and quiet every now and again.

Marcin Polak

Technical Lead Advisor & DevOps

Marcin is a Technical Lead Advisor & DevOps at Curvestone, half software engineer, half infrastructure maniac. He takes care of delivering high quality code on the Cloud infrastructure and automated deployments. He consistently guides developers in building the right architecture for new applications.

A computer Science graduate with almost 10 years experience in various technologies. Over the years he has created many websites including e-commerce and educational platforms as well as portals with millions of visitors yearly. He quickly noticed that his second calling was server infrastructure and began to develop his understanding of this area. The combination of these skills allows Marcin to create highly optimized applications for any business sector.

Work is his passion, which is why he spends a lot of free time reading and learning of the latest technological innovations. He loves silence, so in the remainder of his free time he cuts himself off from the world with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Paweł Chałkowski

Senior Software Developer

Paweł is a Senior Software Developer at Curvestone. He has extensive experience in many software creation technologies, this experience descended from his curiosity and passion for creating new tools to help others.

Before joining Curvestone, Paweł spent over 10 years creating various software tools and platforms solving problems in business branches like e-commerce, transportation, email marketing and online entertainment.

Outside of developing, Paweł devotes his time to his young family. He loves nothing more than being outdoors with his kids at the beach or hiking through the forest.

Szymon Dziedzic

Senior Developer

Szymon is a Senior Software Developer in Curvestone. He has experience in various technologies across the web development stack. He is eager to expand his knowledge and always learning either on the job or in his free time.

Szymon has always been curious and eager to break, modify, and sometimes fix his childhood toys, he started early by watching what would happen if he changed a few lines of existing C64 Basic code. He gained professional experience in various areas such as logistics, e-commerce, gambling, finance, and banking before joining Curvestone.

He’s a father of two and a husband of one. He shares his love for the Super Mario games series with his son and shares all the veggies with his daughter. Szymon has various interests, however, one thing is sure – if you ask him to join you in any sports activity, he’ll be keen to join you. His current favourite is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a.k.a. involuntary yoga.

Jakub Baranowski

Senior .NET Developer

Jakub is a Senior Full-stack Developer at Curvestone. Two of his main priorities as a developer are to ensure that we deliver a good solution architecture on each project, and, for every piece of code that he touches, to always leave it in a better condition than he found it.

He has an engineering background with a focus on automation and robotics. Prior to joining Curvestone, he held chief engineering, software developer, and technical lead roles. Throughout the years, Jakub has developed valuable skills related to .NET and building SaaS architecture products.

When he doesn’t have his developer hat on, Jakub is a university lecturer where he teaches the next generation of developers about cloud processing. He is also a keen snowboarder and sailor.

Mateusz Kłosiński

Software Developer

Mateusz is Software Developer at Curvestone. He has a lot of experience creating web applications and always has an open mind for new technologies. Self-development is very important in his daily work.

Before joining Curvestone, Mateusz worked for the biggest Polish Educational Publisher. He gained valuable experience in creating and maintaining a large e-commerce store, creating applications, and implementing new technologies. Exploring code is his passion therefore he always gives his best.

In his free time, Mateusz loves to spending time being active. For example he’s training in Calisthenics, specifically running. He also enjoys exploring new technologies to stay up to date.

Krzysztof Kaczmarek

Software Engineer

Krzysztof (aka. KK) is a software developer, and has almost 20 years of experience in creating web pages and applications. KK takes pride in his work and is a self-professed perfectionist who values continuously learning new skills. He focuses on making the final product visually stunning, yet simple and intuitive to use.

Before he joined Curvestone, KK was a freelance software developer and worked on a number of B2B and B2C projects. He now specialises in innovative RPA technologies where he builds, maintains and manages Curvestone’s bots.

He loves spending time outdoors in the fresh air with friends, resetting at the gym, watching good films and has a keen interest in military aircraft.

Dan Mizrachi

Software Engineer

Dan is a Software Engineer at Curvestone. Having been hacking things together in his spare time since age 13, he has a background in full-stack web development and has dabbled in a range of high- and low-level technologies over the years.

He attended hackathons and tech meetups throughout his teens and while studying at Lancaster University, worked as a part-time student developer on projects for the uni and wider Lancaster community. His degree in Software Engineering put his skills into the broader context of Computer Science, while giving him invaluable experience working in teams on software projects overseen by academics and industry professionals.

His interests outside of tech include environmental issues, music technology, urban planning and public transport. He enjoys spending his free time hiking, travelling and taking care of his dog Tess.

Konrad Materek

Solution Architect & Tester

Konrad is a Solution Architect and Tester at Curvestone. His main areas of focus include manual testing of applications developed by Curvestone’s dev teams, drawing up specifications for new features, as well as figuring out possible solutions to fix the identified bugs. On top of day-to-day bug-hunting, he focuses on delivering the best possible user experience to Curvestone’s clients and approaches every feature with user perspective and future solutions in mind.

Konrad’s background combines an MA in English Philology, a postgraduate Management diploma and ISTQB Foundation Level certification. Prior to joining Curvestone, he spent 9 years working as a Project Manager and Research and Evaluation Specialist for projects funded by the European Commission and UNICEF. During those years he successfully delivered over 50 projects globally. Thanks to this experience, he fully understands the importance of cooperation and smooth communication within teams to achieve a common goal.

In his spare time, Konrad enjoys swimming, cooking and playing his modular synthesiser. He is enthusiastic about testing and pursues expanding his skills and knowledge every day.

Szymon Antoniszyn

QA Tester

Szymon is a software tester at Curvestone where he works closely with developers on some of our largest projects. His main task is to ensure the best quality of developed software.

After completing a B.A. in Engineering Logistics, Szymon went onto studying Business Informatics for his Master’s. While studying for his degree, he was inspired by some of his peers to pursue a career in tech and decided to complete an ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) certification in 2019 before taking a Technical Specialist role, and finally joining Curvestone’s QA team in 2021. To him, working in the tech industry means endless opportunities to explore and develop new skills.

Outside of work, Szymon plays football on a weekly basis with friends, enjoys skiing in the wintertime, and is a self-professed petrol-head. As a technology enthusiast, he also likes to know what’s new in the field of hardware and games.

Rafał Stawiarz

QA Tester

Rafał is a Tester at Curvestone. As a member of our QA team he helps our team of developers deliver solutions that are fully aligned with Curvestone’s clients’ expectations.

Rafał graduated with a degree in Sociology with a specialisation in Research and Data Analysis at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Before joining Curvestone, he spent 12 years in a consulting company where he held the roles of Expert and Head of unit in Research and Evaluation Department. This experience gave him the ability to operate in a heterogeneous environment and to understand the needs of various stakeholders.

In his free time, Rafał helps his fiancée run an interior design company where he takes care of all the woodworking and carpentry. He also loves biking (long trips combined with bushcraft), playing the bass guitar, photography, urban planning, and model making.

Kasia Misztal-Nowak

Admin & Operations

Kasia is our Operations brain at Curvestone. She uses her brilliant people and organisational skills to support with management activities and internal processes.

In her previous experience in Sales, Kasia was involved in every step of the sales pipeline – managing contracts and offers, monitoring production and profitability, negotiating, and working directly with customers – but most importantly, her priority was to build and maintain great relationships with her team and customers. As someone perfectly trilingual in Polish, English, and French, she has a wealth of experience working with international and multicultural teams.

In her free time, Kasia is a regular at the gym, spends as much time as she can with her two sons, and enjoys teaching her border collie new tricks.

Ania Borowska

Personal Assistant

Ania is a Personal Assistant to Chief Executive Officer at Curvestone, ensuring timing and logistical details are well in order, supporting the CEO, and coordinating strategic initiatives across the organisation.

Ania studied Management, Marketing, and Economics, where she enjoyed learning about management and production processes. Before joining Curvestone, Ania spent 17 years working for a world-leading company in the printing industry as a Key Account Manager. Interacting with production directors and marketing managers of the biggest publishers from Northern Europe, and supervising end-to-end production processes.

In her spare time, Ania enjoys walking (no matter the time of the year and weather), going to the gym, reading, and doing nonograms. She is a big sports fan, especially when supporting her sons, who used to be avid swimmers and are now university students.

Maciej Wasiak

Software Engineer

Maciej is a Software Engineer at Curvestone. He deals with the design and implementation of backend applications. He focuses on improving his skills every day, and his greatest satisfaction comes from solving real problems by providing great solutions.

Maciej has over 10 years of experience in implementing web systems in the Telematics industry. He has carried out projects for large companies in the insurance, banking, fleet management and energy sectors.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with friends and family. In his free time, Maciej prefers active recreation like riding bikes, sailing boats, and travelling the world.

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